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I live in Florida. Can I collect temporary unemployment due to health problems with my infant?

by Tanya

My name is Tanya and I am currently not working. My infant has multiple health issues which requires me to go to frequent doctors visits. She has had 2 blood transfusions and may need another. She also has a heart defect. I have no other means of an income. Am I able to collect unemployment? I was not laid of or fired.

Hi Tanya,

Florida has no program or law which allows for temporary benefits in your situation .. such as is possible in New Jersey as of July 1, 2009.

The reason is because in almost all states you must be able and available for work to collect.

If I knew more about why you aren't working I could provide more information. There is the possibility that if your separation from work is qualifying that you would be entitled to benefits once the A&A issue is removed, which is the main problem for anyone with a health related issue to be able to collect unemployment in almost every state.


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