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I live in Florida & collect NYS Unemployment benefits. Do I have to file NYS income tax return?

I do not know if I have to file a NYS income tax return. I have lived here in Florida for all of 2010. Florida does not have a state income tax, so I know I don't file here. Do I owe taxes in NYS? I only have NYS unemployment benefits for income. I do not have any other job.


I believe you will be getting some sort of 1099 from NYS for your benefits .. so I assume you would have to file a NYS tax return, but hey, I'm not an income tax specialist .. in fact I tremble at the thought of preparing my own tax return ..

So much so .. I go to H&R Block and, I might add, to the very same guy every year ..

I hope you're happy .. I was just sitting here answering questions .. not worrying about anything and only slightly annoyed by whatever it is my husband is watching on TV.

Now, I'm wondering if it's too early for me to make an appointment to get my taxes done!!

Happy Holidays


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Mar 07, 2011
hello. you wont get unemployment if you quit your job
by: Anonymous


You wont get unemployment if
you quit your job


Hello Anonymous,

Chris here with ..

Your advice is located all over the internet .. and it's stupid advice ..

Just because you weren't able to quit and collect, or because you have some kind of "vested interest" in perpetuating the myth that discourages people from learning how you can fire your boss by quitting a job and collecting benefits .. does not make it so ..

For the person that is willing to learn how to protect themselves from a strategy that employers use everyday of the week .. that forces people to this point.

This strategy would be, making people so utterly miserable .. they are forced to quit to save their own sanity.

The employment relationship is a two way street that demands the utmost level of respect and integrity on both sides .. and those who chose to lie down and be a rug for an employer to walk all over them, need to wake up and stop trembling in fear when they know without a doubt they are being forced to a point of seeing no other way out of their misery except to quit in an impulsive moment of weakness.

I do not advise quitting ..

I advise learning when the unemployment laws allow it as a way out and understanding what they will need to fulfill the burden of being the moving party when they do choose to quit.

As far as I'm concerned .. it's a matter of personal responsibility to yourself to protect yourself.

Your answer is insufficient .. It states a personal conclusion as fact.

Your answer actually sums up the problem of why people rarely get benefits when they quit .. ignorance of the fact that people do quit and collect unemployment often when they've bothered to remove their own ignorance and become aware.

Feb 21, 2011
unemployment collection
by: Kita

I am relocating to Florida from New York in April.
Can anybody help me with how do i collect unemployment there.I don't have job lined yet in Fl.I am quitting my job in New York in March 2011

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