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I Live in IL and have been Unemployed since aug. 2005 Can I collect an unemployment extension now?

by Janet

My company was in the process of closing the doors. They let us go in groups throughout a couple yrs. My group was let go aug. 2005. I did collect my benefits for the weeks offered. I tried looking for work constantly with no success. I finally called to see if I could get an extension and was told Bush did not approve the extension at that time.

I am still unemployed and was wondering if I would qualify for any of the extensions that were given to people all over the country. I just never checked because I figured I was told there was nothing available back when my benefits exhausted. Now I am in such a bind and have been for a very long time with absolutely no money and thought I would check if I would still qualify for any of the extensions.

Thank you,


Hi Janet,

No, I don't think you would and it's all because you have had no earnings to qualify for an unemployment claim.

Extended benefits are a continuation of benefits after the initial 26 weeks are exhausted. They aren't paid retroactively.


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