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I live in New Jersey and I'm employed as a property manager. The property has a servere problem with bed bugs. Will I be denied unemployment benefits is I quit because of it?

by Anonymous
(New Jersey)

I have been employed for over 27 years and for the last few years I have been having problems with my boss. I feel she regards me as an annoyance. The property has a severe problem with bed bugs. I have tried four different exterminators but can't seem to get the problem under control. It is driving me crazy I haven't slept at night without the help of ambiem. She doesn't speak to me directly we just email back and forth. I have made copies of these emails which show how difficult she is to deal with. Is this permissible evidence to plead my case. I am at wits end and just want out. Please advise.

Hi Anonymous,


I have questions.

How long have you worked for "this" employer?

How long have bed bugs been a problem?
What kind of information is in those emails and what kind of problems?

Has there been any suggestions from the "professionals" to actually get rid of the bed bugs that the employer will not do or pay for?

I'm leaning toward an argument that there would be good cause to quit due to health and safety concerns, but if you've been living with bed bugs for twenty seven years .. why would it be a problem now .. would be the question if this is the case.

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