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I live in NJ, I'm 17 and want to collect unemployment. Can I do that?

by natalie
(new jersey)

I just lost my job and I'm living on my own. Am I able to collect unemployment even though I'm only seventeen years old.

Hi Natalie,

If you are of legal age to work, and of legal age not to be attending school you should be able to collect unemployment if:

1. You have sufficient wages to qualify monetarily for a valid unemployment claim.

2. You lost your job for a reason the non-monetary determination, or tribunal hearing decision comes back in your favor.

3. And you maintain your eligibility by remaining able and available to accept suitable work per NJ rules, or are approved for training and excused the the requirements to be able, available and conducting a job search.

Natalie, be certain to check out all the resources NJ makes available for finding a new job .. and paying for schooling you might need. while you are waiting for the determinations.

Unemployment and school, may be an option for you to seriously consider right now.

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