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I live in NYC and i applied for unemployment due to lack of work and now attending school.

by Rhonda

Do I have to accept a job offer from the current employer if i am attending school which was approved for the 599 program?

I have been out of work since July/2012,i have been calling them everyday for a whole month
And decided to collect unemployment because bills had to be paid.

Prior to this I enrolled in school to obtain my GED(which is approved by the 599 training program)@ the beginning of October/2012 my employer called me with a job offer,(she asked me if i was working and I told her no, I was in school) I was told that it had to be a real job offer meaning the employer had to give location,time, place etc,which was not given. Being as though i was approved for the 599 training program,can it help me win my hearing and continue collecting UI Benefits?

Hi Rhonda,

What you told me is good to know, but before trying to answer you I would prefer if you told me what issue is listed on your hearing notice and whose appeal it is.

As for refusal of work while attending school or training under the 599 program, I'm adding links to the NY interpretation index, in case your appeal issue is refusal of work.

You should also investigate what a bona fide job offer looks like .. per NY unemployment statutes.

Eligibility issues regarding the 599 program

New York Interpretation Index (Has some unemployment decisions to read as well)

PS Congratulations Rhonda, on having the initiative to turn what is painful and stressful into an opportunity to get your GED .. don't stop there.

Everyone should consider taking advantage of the tools, training programs, grants, and other resources for getting off unemployment benefits.

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Nov 22, 2012
My reply
by: Rhonda

My employer reported to unemployment that i refused a job offer and i recieved a determination letter stating that i have to pay a overpayment,so i put in for a hearing because i disagree with the decision.

P.s Thanks for the links.My mind is at ease now I have a better understanding of my rights.

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