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I live in PA and have been forced to take a 30% pay cut. Can I quit and collect unemployment?

by Susan

The company is cutting wages. some only 10%. those of us that are team leaders are getting cut the most. I only made $13.20 an hour and now am forced to make $9.25. can I quit and collect in PA?

Hi Susan,

This is a good question to ask before quitting. I'm trying to find an unemployment decision I can refer you to for a definitive answer.

I was looking for a decision that ruled a certain percentage of reduction constitutes good cause and I also was trying to find one where the reduction wasn't enough.

What I found instead was people asking the same question on and being told as long as you're still making money .. NO you can't expect to quit and collect unemployment benefits.

I happen to know this is not true, but like I said I can't find a PA decision to give you a definitive answer.

You may, if you like search for one yourself here.

Pennsylvania has this phrase .. anytime an employee quits a job .. whether attributable to the work or for personal reason .. they say the quitting must be for "compelling and necessitous reasons" and they always check to make sure that you did everything possible, that a reasonable person would do to explore all other possibilities other than quitting.

I think they will look at your situation individually. I think they will probe for the reasons why you thought quitting was the only choice left and I think they will ask if you talked to anyone (like HR).

I think they will be interested in why some are only receiving a 10% reduction .. vs. your 30% reduction.

But I would not quit until I found a percentage I could rely on. If you do not find a decision relevant to this point .. I'd call a PA appeal office and ask. Better safe than sorry.

In states where I can find this information, it ranges from around 20% - 30% as the minimum amount of reduction, anything less and it's doubtful any state will find you had good cause.

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