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I live in Texas and i have been off a company pay roll (AT&T) for 8 year .Could i possily be eligible? .

by Gwendolyn
(Port Arthur, Tx ,USA)

I retired in Jan 2001 from Southwestern changed to AT&T. I received a lump sum distribution at that time. Since 2001 my income has been a monthly distribution from my IRA account. That IRA account is closed with a zero balance. I will file for social security in June 2009, I will be 62 in the fall. Is it possible that I may be able to get benefits to bridge the gap?

Hi Gwendolyn,

A person needs to have have wages in a "base period" to qualify for unemployment benefits.

In Texas that base period is the first 4 of the last five COMPLETED quarters.

The BP is determined by the date (the quarter) in which you file for unemployment. If a person were to file today 2/23/09 their BP is 10/1/07 through 9/30/08.

But, Texas also has an extended BP if a person files an initial claim for benefits within two years from a date a claimant's illness or injury began or occurred. In that case the BP will be the first 4 of the last 5 completed quarters preceding the injury or illness. But of course the claimant must now be able and available for work. But I do not see that this exception would extend to compulsory retirements.

I realize this doesn't apply to you, but it may for some people. I checked because Texas does reduce unemployment benefits for pension payments, but they also take employee contributions into account when reducing the amount.

For most people there needs to have been qualifying wages sometime during the last eighteen months.

I also checked to see if Texas reduces unemployment benefits for Social Security case you go back to work and then lose your job through no fault of your own....they do not. This just means that anyone receiving SSI will not have their weekly unemployment benefits reduced due to their social security's definitely a positive...the states are free to decide this issue.

Sorry, I couldn't give you a more positive answer to your question, but it was a good question because it raised a number of issues for someone who might now be 62 and finding themselves downsized right out of a living.

I found all the information to answer with by using the chartbooks at the USDOL
And since UI laws can change the USDOL is the place that I check first to find out if what use to be is still so.

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