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I lost my childcare.

by Kelly
(Walnut, ca)

Hi, I live in California. I have been working for this company for 8 months (before then i was working for a company for 10 years). I have 3 kids, 2 of the three kids are 6 years old and the other just turned 1. I had a close friend of the family watch my baby since he was 3 months old,the same lady took care of my 6year old when she was a baby. Well my childcare provider had a tragic accident happen in her family. Her dad died, so she left the country. I was left with no childcare. My employer worked with me as much as possible, they let me work shorter hours because my sister was able to watch my baby for 1 week but I had to be home by 1pm because she had to go to work. They also allowed me to take days off without any attendance penalty to me. I exausted all my options as far as signing my baby up for childcare,and asking family members to arrange their school and work schedule so that I may go to work.He is still on a waiting list for all Los Angeles county area state childcare agencies.So I asked if i may take a leave of absence until my childcare provider returned. Being that I have only been employed with the company for 8 months i didn't qualify to take a leave of absence, so it was up to the manager to let me take a 30 day leave and I did get approved by the manager. 2 weeks into my leave my childcare provider's daughter called me to let me know she was not coming back (at least any time soon)now her mother was really sick and also close to death. I kept in touch with my employers the whole time I was on leave updateding them with

everything I knew. Once my 30days of leave were up and no childcare agencies have called me with a spot, I had no other option but to give my letter of resignation. If not it would be considered job abandonment or "no return from LOA" I didn't want that to happen because of course I would need them to say good things about me when I apply for other jobs. I did let them know I could work evenings but there were no positions available in the evening. The girl that took over my position was my back up (when I was on leave or when I had days off)she never really had great feelings about me because she was with the company longer than I was and I was new and came in the company with a higher position (I was over her). She now has my old position which is a HR position so when I applied for UI benefits she was the person EDD spoke with and I was denied my benefits. The reason was I did not explore all my options, but I did explore all my options I left in good terms, the company even offered me to come back with another position once I got my childcare in order. I even helped them train the new girl by answering her questions over the phone when ever she did not know how to do things on payroll or HR issues, with no pay, anything to stay in good terms with the company while I am looking for evening work right now I would want them to say good things about me so that i may get another job. I am wondering if I fight the EDD denial do I even have a chance of winning?


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