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I lost my job because my co-workers celebrated my birthday and my boss's right-hand couldn't stand it. Unemployment was denied b/c they said I was discharged for insubordination and misconduct

I was forced to sign a letter of resignation on June 15, 2010. After I at first refused to sign the letter, I was told if I did not sign the letter, which the boss provided, I would be fired and would not receive a two-week severance and would not get a positive recommendation for future jobs I applied for. Naturally, I signed the letter, not before asking why I was being terminated. My boss would not answer me and left it to my supervisor to answer.

It is well-known around our small company that the boss's right-hand woman has a vendetta against me. Why? The only explanation I have heard from several other employees is because I am young, female, good at my job, and attractive. She targeted me almost the entire year and eight months I worked there. Her hatred for me finally came to a boiling point when my co-worker (who is my best friend) decorated the office for my birthday and other employees bought me cards and presents. It was nothing out of the ordinary. We decorated the office for almost every birthday. The difference this year was that her birthday was two days before mine and fell on the day my friend had originally planned to celebrate my birthday, since mine was over a weekend. I was told that the boss shut that idea down because his manager would quit. So my friend waited until Monday to celebrate my birthday.
The next day (Tuesday), I worked 13 hours and at the end of the shift, my boss came in and handed me the letter of resignation. This was two weeks after I had a private meeting with him and expressed my concern for the security of my job and he promised he was completely satisfied with my work and that I had nothing to worry about and that he did not want to see me go under any circumstances.
I signed the letter of resignation and made him write that I was to receive
two weeks of severance pay and sign to it. He wrote that the severance was due June 25.
I applied for unemployment and was all set up to receive my first check when a letter came in the mail saying I was being denied because I was discharged for insubordination and misconduct. Completely untrue. I asked my supervisor, who was present the entire time and who has told me time and again he will give me a shining reference and still hopes to be my friend, to write a statement describing the circumstances and why I was not fired for insubordination and misconduct but instead because of a "conflict of personalities." They have told him he has to stay out of the matter. On top of everything, I still haven't received my severance, although I have inquired at least 5 times.
They have also begun spreading lies about me around the company and saying I did things that I, of course, didn't.
It's a complete nightmare and it's embarrassing when people ask why I don't have a job, I have to tell them because I was born.
I am definitely going to appeal but I'm afraid they are going to use my bad relationship with the manager as grounds for misconduct. There are several other people who have been fired or quit because of her harassment and inability to be professional. I've asked them to help me out with their own statements for my appeal. Does it sound like I have a chance? I'm in Florida, by the way.
Thanks! And sorry it's so long.


Yes, I think it sounds like you have a chance .. in fact, if you present your case well at hearing .. a very, very, good chance.

I'm still trying to figure out why, if this is what you told the state during your phone interview .. why they denied.

I guess it must have been just what the employer told them or documents they might have submitted with their response to the claim.

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Jul 13, 2010
No phone interview with unemployment
by: Anonymous

I didn't have a phone interview. Was I supposed to? I applied online and didn't get into the whole birthday garbage; I just said I wasn't told why I was fired but that the manager has hated me from the beginning and the head boss said that he couldn't "lose valuable employees over this" -- meaning she gave him the ultimatum: it's either her or me.
Do I still have to go through an appeals hearing and everything? Or is there a way to just call and try to sort it all out myself in order to be granted the unemployment? I'm about 90% sure they spoke to her because the main boss man is very hard to get in touch with. She wasn't even there when it happened and so I don't understand why they would talk to her since it was her fault in the first place. She's very sneaky and vindictive though.
Thanks for quick response!

That's odd, that you were denied without even a phone interview.

Yes, you must appeal .. unemployment is a legal process.

Everything you need to do for now was included with the determination denying benefits i.e., "Appeal rights"

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