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I lost my telephone unemployment hearing

by M.
(Charlotte, NC)

I was told by many that I could represent myself and it would not be hard to do.

I lost my case and now don't know what to do.

Is there any chance for me to still win this case or am I done for?

Hi M (shortened it in case it was your real name .. pretty unique name:)

I know I wasn't among those that told you it would be easy to represent yourself.

However, even though I'm of the mind that appeals don't get any easier, but actually become more technically legal and difficult I still couldn't possibly tell you that your done for .. because I have no idea about why you were denied again nor what might of happened during that hearing that might be a valid point for an appeal to the higher authority of a board of review.

You should talk to an attorney for the level of appeal you're at as I could only refer you to a non-attorney rep with a supervisory letter from a NC attorney. That's what allows him to be a representive at a lower level NC telephone unemployment hearing. But, he doesn't do NC board appeals.

Why didn't you tell me what you think caused you to lose the hearing .. or why you don't think you should of lost?


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