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I made a big mistake, can you give me some advice about quitting a part-time job before you apply for unemployment for your full-time job.

by Norris

I lost my job and did not file for unemployment right away because I thought I could get a new job quickly. Well, that did not happen.

Here's where I made a big mistake. I took a very low paying part time job working 9:30 pm to 5-6 am twice a week. I quit after 3 weeks and filed without adding it as a job.

Well, during my phone interview I told them about this job, now my claim must be reported to this job I quit instead of the one I should have a claim against. I guess I should still file and maybe it will be uncontested but I will still have to prove my reason for quitting.

I quit because of the night manager. The day manager called and offered me a shift working 5 to 9am, (I'm not sure how many days per week) but I said no thank you. I also had a hard time driving home in the fog but I never mentioned this to either manager. What do you think?

Hi Norris,

Sorry to hear about your dilemma, but let's give it a shot.

First, for anybody else reading this, your right to unemployment may be decided by your LAST job separation before you file for unemployment.

Norris, if you only worked for this last employer three weeks, it's doubtful any wages paid by this employer will be in your base period. California does not have an alternative BP, they establish it by looking at wages in the first four of the last five "completed quarter".

But irregardless, they are looking at the employment because it is the last employment or "subsequent" to the employment that you think you would have gotten benefits for....if you had filed.

I think you should take a gander at what California says about suitable work (make sure you look at Section D under general) there's language that makes it sound like it may need to be "full-time employment to disqualify". And then take a look at what they say about voluntary quits. These pages reference the code, which can be found here.

Please "report back" Norris. I'll bet you're not in this boat alone and it would be great if you let us know what the state decides. I think the fact that is was part-time work may work in your favor. I say may because I'm not sure.


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