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I moved from FL to TX while recieving umemployment. Took a job in TX for 8 weeks and quit. Can I still fall back on my Fl umemplopyment?

by Sharon
(Alachua, FL)

I was receiving unemployment in Fl. I was offered a job in Texas. I took the job moved and it did not work out. I was there for 8 weeks in which I did not claim benefits from FL. Now that I am back in FL can I still file for those same benefits?

Hi Sharon,

You can reopen the claim, but be warned, they will investigate the reason you quit the job in Texas and it needs to be a reason that Florida says is good cause to quit.

If it is not with good cause, the disqualification for quitting a job without good cause in Florida is to return to work again .. earn 17 times your established weekly benefit amount and then of course .. have another qualifying separation from that work.

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