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I moved from Kentucky to Arizona I left my job for a new job in Arizona


Well, me and my husband moved from Kentucky to Arizona.

My husband was transferred with his company and me, I found a job as soon I moved. Two months later I lost my new job because of the economy. They had to let me go.

My question to you is can I collect unemployment from the state of Kentucky because I can't collect from Arizona.




Arizona denied you unemployment?

You have a little quandry going on here. Neither Kentucky nor Arizona have a provision for allowing unemployment when a person quits to move with a spouse (AZ does for unemancipated minors)

So I looked to see what the disqualification for quitting was in both states.

Kentucky requires a person to have 10 weeks of covered work & wages = to 10 x WBA (weekly benefit amount) before you can qualify if the separation from the most recent work finds you eligible.

Arizona only requires you to have earned 5 x times your weekly benefit amount.

So, I'm wondering why you can't collect unemployment in Arizona. It seems to me you have satisfied their disqualification...If Arizona denied you...appeal the determination.

If you are assuming you can't collect unemployment in Arizona because most of your wages are in Kentucky...the states can transfer wage credits...or whatever it is they do when we make it difficult for them.


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