I need HELP!!!

by josh
(jacksonville, FL)

Ok so I am in florida and i just got on unemployment but i havent recieved any payments yet. when i would check the status of my claim it said no payments have been issued. But today i checked it and it says a payment has been issued. i have it set up to go direct deposit but no money has been deposited yet. WHY IS THIS? why does it say a payment has been issued but i havent gotten paid?

Hi Josh,

Did you ask the State of Florida why?

That seems to be the logical thing to do first .. don't you think?

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May 21, 2013
Work search problem
by: Anonymous

What if i have received my first claim but have not yet submitted work searches. It says my next payment has been issued. Will there be a delay even if they know i am returning to work within the next 2 weeks?

Have you been asked by the dept. (the name of the state and whether you are collecting regular or extension benefits may be important) to submit your log of job searches?

The name of the state and whether federal emergency UC is important because the rules about job searches vary from state to state and of EUC benefits may have some different requirements to maintain eligibility.

However, that you have been offered and will be starting work in the next couple weeks is not a legal pass to not comply with the rules of looking for work in any week you claim benefits.

Aug 31, 2011
Issued does not mean deposited
by: DS

As Josh has probably already found out, issued does not mean the same as deposited. In Florida, the payment is issued one day and deposited or sent out the next business day. I would start getting concerned if the payment did not show up within 3 days after being issued. Hope this helps.

Thanks DS, you're the best!

Josh, DS knows a lot about FL unemployment .. from personal experience.


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