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I need to know if I had a good cause to quit my job.

by Irene
(San Diego ,California)

I had recently quit my job 09/2009, The company took over by a new owner, and I was under a lot of stress, the manager will always tell us day by day there was no money for payroll, and that we should be lucky to have a job. Emotionally, and physically stressed out. we were short staffed, and it was just work overload formyself. I was asked several times to work overtime with no overtime pay. I had recently went to the doctor because of pain I was feeling in my neck and I was found to have herniated discs do to nerve damage as well. My claim was denied and I am about to appeal do you think I have a good cause for quitting my job?

Hi Irene,

This is not a general question in any way, shape, or form.

And besides you have not provided the information that would allow me to evaluate whether I think your appeal to prove that good cause existed to quit will be successful.

Have you read the information I provide about when you quit a job?

A general question should never require me to ask you more than two questions to answer.

You didn't even tell me what the determination denying unemployment benefits stated .. not that it would make the question you ask more general, but it would give me some clues as to what you need to do .. or if there is a possibility to overcome denied benefits.

I do help people to prepare for hearings, but I do not do it for free.

Since you live in California, I can direct you to more information that might make it possible for you to understand without my help.

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