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I need to write a brief for new york supreme court for my denied unemployment benefits

by Alice
(New York)

my unemployment was denied; my employer stated misconduct, which is untrue. Claims were made that I cursed in front of a customer(untrue) Anyway, I am in the last stage of my appeal, and I need help preparing the brief. Can you help me with this? Thank you.

Hi Alice,

Absolutely not. If you are writing a brief for the New York Supreme Court .. on your own .. good luck to you. You should have contacted an attorney long ago. This is an informational website.

An appeal for a lower level appeal hearing is really something anyone can handle. Beyond that, appealing to review boards and now the Supreme Court (which makes me think you've already done this for an appellate court) requires knowledge about rules and procedures of law, access to case law which supports the reasoning in your brief, etc. This is what lawyers go to law school to learn .. the practice of law.

Here's a list of
attorneys and non-attorney authorized agents that represent at New York unemployment hearings.

But since you are writing a brief for the NY Supreme Court .. you could contact any employment attorney because you have left the realm of "administrative hearings".

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