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I owe EDD from yeas ago, i was laid off & need benifits now

by sheena

I'm still paying EDD and owe 2000.00, I just was laid off, can I recieve money even if I owe them money?


I think you need to see Tables 6-2 and 6-3

I have no idea what type of overpayment you are repaying and the recovery provisions vary by state.

When it comes to overpayment of unemployment benefits there are couple things you should probably check into.

1. Whether a state has a provision for a waiver of the overpayment.

2. And, to understand the differences between recovery provisions for both fraud and non-fraud overpayments.

I would always suggest having an attorney or unemployment rep to assist you with any overpayment appeal hearing .. so the the finding is non-fraud because the recovery provisions are much less harsh.

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Mar 09, 2015
yes but additional things you should be aware of.
by: Anonymous

Heres what i just went through. I owed $1600. Overpayment from 2008. Not able n available is reason. I stopped working a one day per week job to accept a job as a caregiver. Yet a long process delayed approval for 3 months my benefits exhausted 5weeks after i left job. If job was not approved i would need to find a different job so i continued to look for work. Edd said i was not entitled to receive benefits for those 5 weeks. 5 years later i went back on uib but did not receive money. For 6 weeks tthey took all payments to pay $1600. Back i owed. I received payment after that. Forwarned interest accumulated to an additional 2400.00 which was seiged from my federal tax return. 5 weeks cost $4000 i am trying to appeal this at this time.

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