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I quit a job in Florida after only two days because I thought their pay was salary and commission but it was salary or commission. Will this stop me from collecting? - Refusal of suitable work

by Joe

Hi, I worked a total of about 15 hours over 2 days at a call center job and found out the second day that the pay was not what I thought based on seeing their ad for the job..I believe it stated it was salary plus commission when in actuality, it was one or the other..Either I misread it, or they flat out lied about the pay scale..The next day I called and quit..Will I still be eligible for benefits in Florida being I felt I was hired under false pretense? Thanks!

Hi Joe,

I'm assuming that being mislead by an employer about pay would be good cause to refuse the work, but if I were you....I'd find that ad so you can prove you were mislead.....I'm also assuming you were collecting unemployment when you took this job.

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