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I quit a part time job to find full-time work, now I'm disqualified for unemployment.

by mayumi
(honolulu,HI, USA)

I was unemployed by my main job which was a full time position for 15 years. I also had a part time job, but this was an on call position such as once or twice per week. I quit my part time job after I became unemployed by my main job because I need to find a full time job as soon as possible. I understand that the unemployment office told me I should not quit my part time job, but this was a claim for my main job not my part time job.

How can I explain to them?

Hi Mayumi,

Here is the link to Hawaii's unemployment diqualifications statute. I'm pretty sure the unemployment office told you not to quit the part-time job because it would become the controlling separation as to whether you are eligible for unemployment. The state always looks to the last employment first. If you had continued to work at the part-time job and you had been laid off from the full-time job, unemployment would be yours to rightfully collect, but now you have a "subsequent employment that you voluntarily quit and they are saying it is not with good cause.

You can, of course appeal the determination and explain your reasoning for quitting. The hearing officer will decide if the determination denying you unemployment was incorrect or not.

If you had found a full-time job that wouldn't allow for the part-time job that would have been seen as quitting with good cause, but of course you wouldn't have needed unemployment any longer, but if the new job didn't work out and you were again qualified for benefits, there would not be any issue with the part-time job wage credits.

I know this is a little confusing, but unemployment, in general, is like walking a crooked mile.

I'm sorry I can't be of more help.


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Jan 10, 2012
Quit the job to except the another job offer
by: Anonymous

I gave two weeks notice to the company I worked for 5 years due to a better job offer. Two days before starting new job, I got a call letting me know that the person I was replaced wasn't moving, and they couldn't offer me any other position. In mean time I was out of my previous job. My unemployment was denied. So, I appealed and explain the reason why I quit. Eventhough, my position was still available, I did not get hired back. Can I get unemployment?

Please provide the name of the state.

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