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I quit and was wondering if I can receive unemployment

by Anonymous

I had been working at a car dealership for about 8 months as a service porter. I got a write up for accidently crashing a car the 6th month I was there. Then a month after that the same thing happened which was all an accident. So after that I decided to quit my job because I did not feel qualified for it. Now im wondering if I can receive unemployment for that cause. Please answer me back with any tips or suggestions.

Hi Annonymous,

Unfortunately you didn't say what state you were in. In most states you will not be able to get unemployment because your quit would probably be viewed as a quit in anticipation of discharge and I'm assuming that.

The fact that you no longer felt qualified is a bit skimpy because I'm also going to assume you have a driver's license and that it was a requirement of the job which entailed moving cars.

Have you surrendered your driver's license because you no longer feel qualified to drive??

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