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I quit because I felt like I was in a hostile work envorment. - Maryland

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(Maryland Unemployment Benefits)

I quit because I felt like I was in a hostile work environment.

I had been employed with this company for 6 years. During the course of the six years I had been verbally assaulted by the general manager several times. Now unemployment has denied my claim stating I voluntary quit. What can I do to file an appeal? Maryland


Just that, file an appeal. From what you did tell me, you voluntarily quit due to being verbally assaulted.

You will need to build a valid case that the hostile environment not only existed, but that you tried to preserve your job by addressing the verbal attacks.

Feelings don't prove anything .. because some feelings are the result of only hypersensitivity .. and feelings are not concrete proof. Documents such as emails, official complaints to HR or a state's department of labor or the EEOC and corroborating testimony from witnesses to the abuse .. are proof that once warned .. the employer continued to cross that line .. and the line .. can change .. depending on who is listening to the facts and their interpretation of the word "reasonable" and their judgments about who is most credible.

PROOF is always the operative word.

Here is a link to begin your research to write a worthy appeal.

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