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I quit because I felt my boss was singling me out.. Workplace Harassment?

by Laura

Hi, my name is Laura. I have been a bus driver for the district (in IL)since November of 2005? Yesterday I signed a piece of paper saying I no longer work there because of Mr. Ed. (my boss)

I felt like I was being treated unfairly by him. The biggest problem was using the CB radio for non bus issues. Everyone including Ed has done it. Started off the year with everyone talking on the CB until one day Ed put out a memo telling us to stop. That memo was directed at me because I asked a secretary at PGE to check on my daughter. (was a bad morning at home and her brothers get her off to school) After the memo, everyone stopped for awhile. Then it started up again. With everyone who has talked about non bus issues he has only busted me on the open mic for it.

On this past Tuesday when I got busted for a second time I went to him and asked why he only busts me on the open mic? I said, 2 other bus drivers just had a conversation last night on who was getting the kids. Another bus driver that morning just came on and said her daughter was in the hospital having her baby. But as soon as I wanted another driver to give my son a message, I get blasted.
Ed's response was how do you know I don't call them in the office? One I knew he hasn't and two if that is true why didn't you call me in to the office? He says I wasn't suppose to be on the CB talking. He says the secretaries and the distirct office doesn't like when the bus drivers do that. It has to stop he says. I said, I understand that, I am wrong for that, but why do you have to come on the air and tell me to stop when you don't do it to others? He couldn't give me a reason. He starts talking in circles... I said I was done and turned in my keys. (Didn't think of it while in his office, but he was on the mike last week wishing a driver a happy
birthday. Got everyone yacking then...)

As the news spread that I had quit the other drivers all said that they all talk on the CB and that I am the only one who gets blasted. The morning after I quit, I was told a bus driver got on the mike and sang Happy Birthday to her daughter who rides on another bus. No comment was made by Ed on the open mic.

A smaller complaint I have about him is that he doesn't follow the rules when it comes to filling extra routes. Last year it was the Capron ISAT, 6 week route. He goes down the seniority list, but jumps my name. As soon as I was done with my route, I went in and asked why was I jumped over. He said sorry and I got the route. This year with the Capron ISAT route he decided to start off with the end picks for the 4:15 routes that we did back in AUGUST. Another driver and I confronted him on that and he said the drivers had been picked already. He changes the rules without telling us. (No, I probably wouldn't of taken the route anyway, was just the way he went about it).

these are the reason I quit. This is a letter I sent to the school board.

Hi Laura,

I think your issue (being singled out) may extend beyond "just an unemployment benefit issue".

I really think you need to have a discussion with an Illinois attorney who specializes in employment law.

I also think you should start by reading this page which gives a good overview of what workplace harassment is.

When you quit, you chose an issue, which was good cause for quitting due to harassment or retaliatory actions by the employer, which relates to other state and federal laws.

It's important to understand that in some states an unemployment decision can actually affect your ability to pursue other avenues....if you lose.

Lawyers use unemployment hearings as a tool for loftier goals, ie., wrongful termination and workplace discrimination lawsuits.

There are just too many mistakes for an individual to make in your type of situation that could prevent you from even collecting unemployment. Talk to a lawyer....

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