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I quit due to intolerable working conditions

by J.B.
(Gallup, NM)

I quit a federal job as a nurse, working conditions were terrible When sick , no matter how sick I was forced to work When I informed my employer I was to sick to work, I was refused sick leave and given AWOL.

I quit because my professional reputation was being damaged. My supervisor yelled and screamed. The work load was so heavy I could not do it alone and all the other nurses disappeared during emergencies and left me alone I complained about the understaffing. It did no good. I am in appeal and afraid that my employer will further damage my reputation to justify their mistreatment. What are my chances of surviving this process.
I quit in fear of my nursing license and being in a situation I could not handle alone, thus hurting a patient and endangering myself.


I understand you're telling me the the working conditions were bad, but if you want to know what your chances are for surviving the unemployment appeal process, you have to tell me about more that might meet the burden of proof you will have at that hearing to prove you had good cause attributable to the employer to quit.

You know the employer will likely only have to say .. claimant voluntarily quit for unknown reasons .. because they never mentioned anything to us about what might of been wrong, so we could look into whether we should correct something.

And could you explain to me how an at-will employee working for the federal government is forced into working when they are sick because leave is refused?

Did you have medical documentation to support the leave?

Additionally, you're all over the place with the causes you claim to of quit over .. you are weakening any valid focus you might have by diluting it with common complaints a whole lot of employees have about understaffing.

There are some who don't want to hear a message I think comes through loud and clear.

When employers won't listen to reason, or comply with laws and an employee chooses to use words like "forced" .. it's better to let the employer make their move and fire you .. because it means they will be the party that has to prove good cause.


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