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I quit due to my spouses medical problems

by Raya F.
(west palm beach, FL)

My husband is a disabled veteran with many medical issues, mainly his heart problems and surgeries and expected surgeries. My work shifts were eratic days and nights. Due to his need for my attention and care, I had no alternative to quit with the reason of "Familly issues" I am a state licensed Estatician and willing to work some days when not tending to my husband.

Can I apply and collect unemployment with this just cause. Thank you RF

Hi Raya,

Tell me what you did prior to quitting in an effort to "preserve the employment".

Florida requires that quitting be attributable to the work .. and there are very few if any exceptions in provisions to this requirement in Florida.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to prove the reason for quitting was due to the work and that they refused to make a reasonable accommodation for a reasonable request to allow you to continue working, which then shifts the burden to the employer.

Additionally, even if you are able to get benefits, you have an able and available issue to contend with to collect the benefits when eligible because Florida requires you to be able and available for "full-time work to collect.

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