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I quit due to shift changes as well as a slight paycut,i recieved a determination letter that gave me a benefit amount, Next?


Well i was working my previous job for a little over 2 years,the prior 2 months before my quit i was only working about 6 hours a day due to lack of work.Eventually they cut my shift (2nd) layed off basically all temps and combined to just one shift (1st)I told them i would have a problem with this and they said they would get back to me prior to the offical combining of both shifts which was to weeks away.2 weeks passed and they had nothing for me so i put in a verbal 1 weeks notice then i quit.Long story short i filed for UI and recieved a determination 7 days later stating a monetary amount # of weeks and a max benefit amount.It's been 4 days later and i havent recieved any money and i checked online and it states that no claim has been paid.Is it to late for my company to appeal.So now im wondering if i will recieve money?did i get approved? or whats next for me.(Georgia)


You are now waiting for the non-monetary determination .. Whether you quit with or without good cause. This determination tells you whether you are entitled to the amount referenced on the monetary determ.

It takes longer .. much longer for this part of the process .. and usually requires a phone interview first.

Whether you get benefits or not depends on your reason you couldn't change shifts.

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