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I Quit my job because i could not take it anymore!!!

by Joanna Amaya
(Los Angeles, CA)

I started working in this clinic in the front office position just answering phones checking patients in. After 3 months I got promoted to the Nurse position i was so happy. I was not trained properly i was just thrown in and well my weakness is helping others and so i just kept doing my job. I was doing a 3 person job running back and forth with no help but finishing my daily duties. The problem is that i was getting Screamed at almost everyother day, i would go home crying, all my coworkers would tell me that it was not right what was going on, but i needed the money. I got screamed at in front of other coworkers i had so much pressure until i just could not take it anymore. I have an interview with the unemployment office but i dont know how to explain the situation that i was put in that caused me quit. i talked to my supervisor and told him that it was to much for me they said changes would be made but nothing happen.

Hi Joanna,

Tell the state exactly what you said here. You loved your job and co-workers, but whoever the person was that did all the screaming was making your life a living hell. You spoke to your supervisor who told you things would change, but they did not.

It's the truth .. right? Just so you can understand better how California may look at this .. "Working Conditions"

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