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i quit my job because i feel i was being harassed. can i still get unemployment

by amanda
(shawnee, oklahoma)

I worked at this place for 8 months. I also worked at this place for almost 2 years from 2005 - 2007. I never had a problem with any of my co- workers before or the management.

So here's what happened. I was accused of being pregnant by several of my co-workers including management. I am not pregnant. I felt offended by these statements and I confronted my general manager and another manager who both felt the need to ask if I was and thought it was one big joke.

After I confronted the situation everything seemed as if it were resolved so I went about my day. The next day the manager (not the gm) would not speak to me. I figured it would blow over so I waited until after the weekend to see if it would all go back to normal.

It did not, so I confronted the manager about it. By the way I was a manager myself and I had known this person for almost 3 years and had never had an issue with them. Anyway, when I confronted them they told me that I was too sensitive and couldn't take a joke so they were not going to speak to me anymore.

After the conversation I saw her and my gm speaking I assumed about that and ever since then he stopped talking to me as well.

This went on for like 4 days where no one would talk to me except for one of the crew members. I felt very uncomfortable and I tried one last time to speak to my gm and he acted like I had committed some sin even speaking to him. After that I finished my workday, went home and the next day I quit.

I couldn't work somewhere that everyone stopped talking to me because i didn't find their joke about my non existent pregnancy funny.

Apparently because i didn't they all decided to make me feel worthless and stopped speaking to me. I feel like they drove me to quit. Would I be able to get unemployment even though I quit my job and was not fired?

Hi Amanda,

I'm sorry to hear about what happened to you.

I conducted a search to get some information on voluntarily quitting in Oklahoma (OK has a fairly decent search option with this nifty little tool The results of my search can be found here.

You'll want to read the stuff under "unfavorable working conditions". If you have question after reading...just let me know.

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Oct 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

how do i post an unemployment question?

Sorry, the problem is explained here.

You could always try to email your question .. if it's mildly unique.

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