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I quit my job because my husband's job was relocated.

by Karen
(Imperial, PA USA)

I quit my job in Michigan because they relocated my husband's job to Pennsylvania. We had been commuting for 3 to 4 months, but we knew our 7yr old needed a stable home atmosphere. He also would be starting the 2nd grade, so I moved to PA. My unemployment was denied.

Before I quit my job I applied for a transfer with my company but did not get an interview.

I have been applying for work but nothing so far. I have never filed for unemployment before. I worked for my previous employer for 20+ years and now I have to get a new job. I expected to work for them until retirement or until something better came along.

When they transferred my husband's job I knew we had to do something to stay as a family.

Hi Karen,

Michigan does not have a provision that allows unemployment to quit to follow a spouse.

If you ever leave Pennsylvania though, they do if you can prove there was a compelling and necessitous reason.

Let's take a different view of your situation. You said you requested a transfer. Were you turned down? If you do decide to appeal, focus on the transfer request. Try to show that you made an effort to "preserve the employment" by requesting a transfer. It may not work, but appealing on a basis which Michigan doesn't allow payment of benefits is a waste of time.

Another suggestion, if you filed a claim through Michigan, consider having it transferred to PA as an interstate claim. You will need to call the State of Pennsylvania to find out what you need to do. If you are able to do this, then file your appeal through the state of PA. There is a good possibility PA will hold the appeal hearing which may be advantageous to your particular situation.

Remember, file your appeal before the deadline given on the determination.


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Jan 06, 2016
what about Iowa
by: Anonymous

I am not married but I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years now and he took a job in SC and I moved to be with him. We lived in Iowa. I quit my job and did everything I am suppose to. The 2 week notice and resigning and now I was denied unemployment. Is the any hope to getting approval?

Check Iowa in this UI comparison chart.

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