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I Quit my job because of personal attacks on my weight .

Hello, I personally quit my job because I was tired of being made fun of and the owner being abusive in his statements towards me regarding my weight, my appearance, and the inability to have a child with my wife. Along, with a change in our commission schedule once I sold more than double what the office normally sells.


I personally understand why a person would quit for the reasons you stated. I think it would be an intolerable work situation to work for someone who was probably a playground bully or possibly the recipient of bullying as a child and demonstrates the same mentality now as an adult employer, but my opinion doesn't matter.

Tell me what you did to try and resolve the situation first. Do you have information that supports your contentions. You have described "a form of workplace harassment".

You may want to peruse some of the articles on this website which deals with workplace harassment and may be able to help you see what should be done to first try to make an employer cease the harassment before quitting.

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