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i quit my job before the recession and have been actively searching for 10 months

by nicholle
(irvine, ca, us)

I quit my job to follow my fiancee back to NY. We had moved to California a year before together from NY. A month after I quit my job, my fiancee dumped me. I have been actively searching for a job for the past 10 months and have been unable to find anything. I am living alone in California, am at the end of my savings account, and have been denied unemployment. I don't have family to live with as they live overseas. I thought there was a way to collect unemployment if you had been out of a job during the recession for over 6 months and had been actively searching. I am on all job sites on the internet, and even staffing agencies. I have contacted any networks I might have that could put an ear to the ground for me. I'm extremely nervous and don't know what to do.

Hi Nicholle,

If there is a special reason to collect unemployment just because you have been out of work due to the recession .. I don't know what it is.

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