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I quit my job but i had a good reason......

by Amanda

At work one day while I was working with one other employee and the store manager someone snuck into our backroom and stole our wallets and my key to the store.. The manager knew she would get in trouble if she told the district manager what really happened cause this has happened in our store before and she knew she was supposed to secure backroom and didn't so my manager lied to the district manager about what happened and put all the blame on me saying I lost my store key. The store had to pay to change the locks and the whole lie she had told made not only me but the other employee's uncomfortable. When I mentioned to the store manager I was not happy with her lying she would just blow me off and be rude about it. There was a police report filed the same day with the truth about what really happened. I quit because this situation made me uncomfortable and I didn't know what else to do. I have since not been able to find a job anywhere and Im wondering if I have a case for unemployment..

Hi Amanda,

You might, but the thing you'd have to get around .. at least in my opinion is the fact that you didn't tell the district manager the truth before you quit. Why's that? Seems to me that would be what a reasonable person would do.


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