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I quit my job but when I quit I was unaware of what I was doing I was on pain medication and my sugar was 49 can I still get unemployment

I quit my job but I was unaware of what I was doing. Once I realized I tried to get my job back and was denied. I was on pain medication and my sugar was 49 can i still get unemployment.


What would you call this .. a voluntary quit due to medication induced insanity?

The information you provided might be relevant to you, but it doesn't even begin to answer the questions that matter. It merely states the excuses you are using to justify the quit to yourself.

If you were so out of it that you quit without meaning to .. how do you know now that your blood sugar was 49 at the time?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if your blood sugar is 49 .. shouldn't you just eat or drink something to bring that number up about 20 or 25 points?

If you had a medical condition that required the use of pain meds .. was the employer aware of this and did they have prior knowledge that you "lost it" while on meds?

Were you on intermittent FMLA for the medical condition so you might have just gone home instead of quitting your job?

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