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I quit my job due to retaliation will I be eligble for benefits

by Marlene

I quit my job due to retaliation will i be eligible for benefits

Hi Marlene,

Did you happen to read anything I've written .. at all?

I do not understand why anyone would believe that one word describing a situation which should be full of details including how you will prove those details is sufficient for anyone to provide the answer you asked for .. especially when the word is retaliation.

The answer to the question is not something I am willing to address in a free answer any longer because it requires discussion and knowledge of what you propose to use as proof of the word .. RETALIATION.

If you think this sounds harsh or mean, when in fact what is intended is impatience due to the hundreds of hours I have spent trying to explain the burden of quitting for free which you could have read .. then I would guess that what you define as retaliation may not be or at the very least, your question itself implies that you didn't take the necessary action to "preserve" the employment.

Words, just like actions have intent.

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