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I quit my job for a better opportunity but then was screwed over.

by Chris

I was working at dunkin donuts for 4 years. I was only receiving 25 hrs a week. Then found a better opportunity at 40 hrs a week with more pay.

Yes, I jump at the opportunity and gave dunkin my 2 week notice.

I then started at the new job and then was told they had too many girls. So they ended up telling me they will call me whenever they needed me. They never called me.

So I ended up jobless. I went back to dunkin and asked for my job back and they said they will call.

I never received a call from them either. So now I'm jobless and decided to file for unemployment since I'm now desperate.

I'm still applying but no luck. The unemployment department said I was eligible for benefits, but that I also voluntary left dunkin without good cause.

Since I didn't work long enough at the new place they said, I would have to use dunkin to receive any benefits. So, I then filed an appeal and the judge called me today.

She tried to call dunkin for our hearing but they never answered. She just asked me a bunch of questions and that was it. What is my chance of winning this case.

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Sep 06, 2014
Well, it depends on if Illinois allows for good cause if you quit to accept better employment
by: Chris

And because interpretations of state specific UI laws and it's unemployment precedents do vary on different common issues from state to state and such as yours for quitting to accept another job..

You now know the answer to why I thought it was important to provide a link to the State Unemployment Insurance Comparison Charts at the USDOL and any available online state precedent manual on the unemployment laws page.

It was for no other reason than to enable as many people to prepare for their hearing with specificity, and to the various causes for appeal.

The question is whether Illinois has some provision in law, or that says a person may have good cause for quitting to accept another job is possible.

USDOL non-monetary chartbooks says the answer is somewhere in the state law.

However, that's just the beginning because to know if the law says yes, or no when it mentions quitting to accept another job, you need to go to the statutes.

Then, if the law is in the affirmative, yes, a person may quit with good cause when they accept another job, you have to go to the precedent manual (or in your case, The Illinois Unemployment Insurance Law Handbook) and see what sort of circumstances allowed a person to collect.

That handbook is big and includes the law, but the decisions that interpret what the law means are in the section titled digest.

I went to check for you, but the State of Illinois moved that sucker again, so I'm off to fix the link nobody told me was broken.

Hmmmmm. I wonder, does anyone besides me ever use that page?


PS While searching for the IL UI handbook, I noticed there were two versions .. one is close to worthless (CLI105L)

And the one that's got everything (CLI106L)

Here's the links to the best one first.

CLI106L (



Bet the first one isn't as hard to find if you're an employer.

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