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I quit my job for another position which fell through, can i collect unemployment ,il

by Anonymous

Basically I'm probably that one percent who was a half of point from " pointing " out of work for bad attendance. Having a large family I knew I had to do something as things between myself and the Mmgt. were a little heated.

So I went to HR and gave a 2 wk notice. Needless to say the next day after asking a supervisor if i could help train the new person ( to leave on good terms ) and because my co - worker was to go on vacation soon, I was told by the supervisor " the company's not going to shut down cause I'm not there, we don't need you!

Thinking to myself , Alright, So after lunch I decided to make that day my last. Now as luck would have it my new job offer fell through, Can I collect?

Hi Anonymous (I really wish you guys would get a little creative with the names)

I'm not even going to ask whether you had an offer letter of employment from the job that fell through.

The reason I'm not going to ask is because you didn't work out your two weeks and then find out the job fell through. You quit because you were offended by a statement made to you.

Please be aware this is just my opinion .. but that is a quit without good cause and I don't think you have a snowballs chance.



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