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I quit my job for mislead position

(Bowie Maryland)

I had an interview that explained I will be a inside sales rep. and was accepted for the position. Come to find out this was a call center setting. During the interview the employer did not explain in detail my new position. After the 10th day of being hired I quit.

Please let me know if I can qualify for unemployment.


Did you really take a job without asking what you would be doing specifically?

Were you collecting unemployment before you took this job?

What did you do for a living before you took this job?

If you just want my opinion if I think you will be able to collect given just the information you provided .. No I don't think you will be able to collect.

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Oct 12, 2011
I quit my job for mislead position
by: Anonymous

I have been on unemployment for 2 months, and finally found a job that I thought fit my skill set. It was a commission based job with a $600/weekly draw, after making 20 sales. There was also a training rate of pay $300/week, which was far less than the draw. I was told in the ad, as well as my interview, that I'd have appointments lined up of prospects that were waiting to buy the product, but after being there and cold calling for 2 weeks - there was no leads. Not a single lead. The job was very different from what it was advertised on craigslist... and even moreso, the promise for average sales between $80,000 and $120,000 was an absolute lie.

I quit during my training period.

Am I eligible for unemployment, or at least the same unemployment I was getting before I started working there? Misleading employers totally suck.

I don't know, you're going to have to tell me if you're eligible to start collecting again.

But I would not cut any corners when it comes to providing every piece of documentation you can dig up that PROVES you were mislead about the pay or the terms and conditions of the job when the state begins digging in and investigating whether they can clear you for future benefits ..

Use it now .. or save all in case you live in one of those states that doesn't do a thorough investigation until this employer becomes a part of a claim years base period.

That's usually what the problem is when I read about someone receiving an overpayment notice a year and half down the road.

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