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I quit my job, I did not know there was no public transportation and I don't have a car anymore.

by Anonymous
(Washington State)

I live in Washington State. My car broke down and I found out there is no public transportation to get to work.

Aside from that I was hired at an hourly wage but was not told it would be pro-rated for the year because it was at a school. I was not told the summers were off therefore they take money out of the time you work to pay you in the summer. I never would have taken the job if I knew that. I ended up making less than what I was making while on unemployment when I found the job.
Thank you

Hi Anonymous,

I don't think you'll get your unemployment benefits back.

It is the last employment that is in question now and you will have to prove you quit this job with good cause due to a lack of transportation which is rarely good cause, but your responsibility to get to and fro from work.

And as far as complaining about how a public school employee is paid .. well the issue is reasonable assurance because you're work for a public employer .. not a private employer.. unless you quit for transportation issues .. then it's a moot issue.

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