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I quit my job in Georgia over compensation disputes - Georgia Unemployment appeal

by David R.

I worked for a multi-National corporation as a Regional Sales Manager I live in Georgia. My employment agreement stated I would receive credit for all accounts in my specified territory and I was not.

After requesting help from my Supervisor and his Supervisor with no relief I quit. They have both left their positions with the company also.

When I filed for unemployment benefits months later I was declined because I quit. The reason for my delay in filing was that I tried to start a new business, I was not successful and need the benefits to survive.

What should I do to establish my claim?

Hi David,

Your claim was established when you filed. You need to protest or "appeal" the determination denying your unemployment benefits.

You didn't provide dates, but the timeliness of the appeal is important. All determination provide the date any appeal must be filed by.

If you had an employment contract, it should not be that difficult to prove your case .. especially if the people you tried to resolve the problem with are no longer with the company.

An unemployment hearing is an administrative hearing .. not a court of law where things need to be proven "beyond a reasonable doubt" rather, by a preponderance of the evidence. A company will have a tough time without direct or "first hand testimony.

It's always a good idea to check statutes for "rules and procedures" for unemployment hearings to see if hearsay testimony is allowed or if it is allowed to understand that it never carries as much weight as direct knowledge.

Hearing officers are also given fairly wide latitude in assessing credibility of testimony and because they've heard everything .. they are pretty attuned to BS.

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