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I quit my job in New York because I'm a diabetic

by Matt Gallagher
(san jose, ca)

I'm a native californian and have lived and worked in california all my life. A little over 18 months ago I went to New York to visit my sister and got stuck there. I only meant to be there for two months but during that time,due to circumstances beyond my control, I no longer had a place to stay in California and I did not have enough money to return to calif. and get a place of my own. I'm a type 1 diabetic and take insulin. I have Calif. kaiser health insurance paid for by my cash strapped retired parents.. The restaurant where I worked in New York offered no medical benefits and I had always intended to return to Calif. so I could keep my health insurance there. Finally, after working in New york for almost 18 months, I arranged for a place to stay in calif. and saved enough money to get home. I liked my job in New York but quit in order to return to Calif. in order to keep my health insurance which I would have lost had I stayed.

I've been home for almost 2 months and have been constantly filling out applications and filling out resumes but I can't find a job. Am I eligible for unemployment insurance?

Hi Matt,

I don't think your cause is going to be good cause attributable to an emploiyer.

Although you quit for personal and a compelling reason it fails the basic test of a quit needing to to be attributable to the employer ..

When a voluntary quit isn't because of the work, or the employer the state needs to have a provision which makes an exception to this good cause standard.


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