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I quit my job in NJ to take my mother overseas to seek medical care

by Michelle
(Edgewater Park, NJ USA)

I quit my job of 5 years because my mother fell ill and I accompanied her to UK for a second opinion and treatment if needed. I was there with her for 2 months. When I returned I immediately seeked work and applied for many positions. I have been on some interviews but did not get the jobs. I have been out of work now since the end of November 2009. I have just now claimed for unemployment as a last result. I have an interview in a few weeks set to determine if I am eligable. Would this be considered a reasonable cause to quit a job?


Let me ask you this. Did you request a personl LOA? Was FMLA and option?

I'm certain, this is also what NJ wants to know.

What efforts did you put forth to "preserve the employment relationship"?

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