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I quit my job to start my own business.

by Alvin

My name is Alvin and I've been working at the same company in Louisiana for nearly ten years.I decided to start my own business,so I gave a two week notice and left my old job on good terms. My business failed and after two months of no income I had to shut it down. Is there any chance of drawing unemployment insurance under these circumstances?

Hi Alvin,

No there is no chance of collecting unemployment when you quit to start your own business.

The quit is without good cause because a quit needs to be attributable to the work.

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Aug 30, 2012
additional question regarding subject
by: Anonymous

i did the same thing however i have been paying myself through payroll and included myself when paying unemployment taxes would this make a difference in obtaining unemployment benefits?


Since I'm not sure which state unemployment insurance program this is about .. I'm limited to what I can direct you to for further information.

I can however, initiate an initial troubleshoot with the claim.

What controls an unemployment claim?

Answer: The most recent separation from work.

Self employment generally isn't covered by unemployment .. however, there's exceptions for corporate officers in some states, once a business is closed. You can find more about what types of employment may or may not be covered under an unemployment insurance program .. here in the coverage chartbook.

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