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I quit my job, took a new job, was fired within 2 weeks can I get unemployment .in Michigan?

by CC

As I stated I quit a job I had been at for 2.5 years for a better paying job. I was Fired after (2) weeks.

Can I collect unemployment from the job I quit in the state of Michigan. I felt they were going to fire me any way so I found a new job and quit before they could fire me...


You gave two different reasons for quitting.

1. To accept a better paying job.
2. You found another job because you thought you were going to be fired.

Reason number 2 would disqualify you unless you quit because of a situation that you could prove was for good cause...fear of being fired for a valid reason does not create good cause for quitting to avoid being fired.

Regardless, you were fired from job # 2. Since all the states determine eligibility for unemployment on the the most recent would first need to be found eligible regarding the reason you were fired.

This is the link to Statute 421.29 which addresses disqualifications and here is the link to Michigan's precedent decision digest to help you understand how they interpret the statutes.

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