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I quit my second to last job and was laid off from my last job

by Anonymous

I resigned from my long time job of 8 years due to growing concerns for my safety. After leaving this job seven months later i found a new job but was laid off after 3 weeks. When I applied for unemployment benefits initially I was told that I was eligible for 20 weeks of benefits. However, I received a second letter stating I was denied because I quit my previous job of 8 years.I had a telephone hearing and was sent a letter the next day stating I was denied again but could appeal the decision again. I reside in the state of Georgia. What should I do at this point?

Hi Anonymous,

This page has the Georgia unemployment rules available in different PDF's. There is one for appeals and you'll want to read sections 03 and 05.

Unlike the appeal of an "adjudicator's initial determination" your appeal is now basically confined to the record established at the lower level appeal.

I firmly believe that anyone would benefit from having an attorney for an unemployment hearing when the "issues" are not not clear cut.

My opinion on appeals requesting a "review" of a hearing officer's decision is even stronger. The substance of the appeal must be based on knowledge and application of the procedures of hearings and how the hearing officer erred in their decision. Generally nothing more can be added to the "record" at this point.

The appeal to the board of review requires "legal knowledge" and I think at this point a person who truly feels the decision was in error .. is nuts to go it alone. You need a lawyer.

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