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I quit working to attend trade school

by CM


I am in Michigan and I signed up for "state approved" funding last July, to attend trade school because I was a dislocated worker at the time. During the process, I then started receiving unemployment benefits. In October, I found a part-time job working 20 hours a week while waiting to get approved for funding. It had taken a three month process for me to get the funding, so I quit work and attended school. My benefits were then taken. Now I am trying to appeal the decision. What are my chances of winning?

Hi CM,

I'm not sure. In some states, if you are "trade act training" .. you can quit, but I can't say for sure if this holds true in Michigan, but I'm not sure about your situation.

I suggest you read the MI unemployment precedent decisions for voluntary leaving .. found here, to see if you can find a situation similar to yours.

You might also try asking a Michigan advocate the question .. Michigan UIA Advocacy.

I would like to know what they tell you.

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