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I received a TCC413.8 - I quit letter

by Jen Herits
(New York, NY)

I recently went through the ringer at my job. I was transferred to a new department, basically demoted and then my new boss worked tirelessly to put me on probation. At the probation hearing with HR, I denied all claims and said none were justified. After my new boss left, the HR person said it wasn't going to get better and asked me if I wanted to leave. I was confused by this question and asked would I get unemployment? I don't know how to answer this. She said that I would get a 6 week package and the company would not deny any unemployment claims by me.

I filled out my unemployment claim to the best of my knowledge and now am holding a letter that says that they received information that I may have quit - along with a questionnaire.

I signed a separation agreement but don't feel as though I "quit" - what should I do - I don't know how to even answer this questionnaire.


Explain the circumstances under which you quit .. you were being harassed by a person in authority over you and despite your efforts with HR .. they said they could do nothing to make it stop and offered you a severance package if you would tender a resignation.

Although I don't really read that they gave you a choice to quit in lieu of being discharged .. I know that was the intent.

HR couldn't tell you how unemployment would go .. because when they convince someone to quit under these circumstances .. they know you have the burden of proof and therefore if you don't provide the department with correctly focused information to show it was actually the employer who forced the quit .. you'll likely screw it up.

If you have documentation showing your efforts to preserve the employment .. it can help to support your story as the correct version.

And .. when employer say they won't fight unemployment .. you need to get that in writing .. at least that's my opinion .. thus far .. they haven't begun to fight .. they just responded to notice of claim filed.

I hope that when you applied for benefits you reported the separation as a voluntary quit .. it's in the explanation for the reason for quitting that you show where the fault lied.

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