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I received my unemployment thanks to your site! Thank you Chris.

by Jennifer B
(Dayton, Ohio)

I was very nervous about filing my claim for unemployment. Thanks to the advice I received from you, Chris, personally and the information in your web site, my appeal was granted and I am receiving my unemployment benefits and am able to survive.

I knew that the wording was important when filing an unemployment claim, but I was having trouble getting started with my claim. Your web site helped me realize that while presenting the facts about my employment experiences, I had to view my answers as a third party would see them. I had to make a third party see what my working conditions actually were in responding to the questions asked on the unemployment inquiry (without getting side-tracked.]

Your web site helped me realize I had to present the facts that I had 3 department managers and 2 Assistant Managers in the 11 months that I worked in the department with all the accompanying rule and disciplinary changes brought with each one of them.

I was surprised and pleased to receive a call personally from you, Chris. Your advise was practical and comforting which enabled me to calmly fill out my report.

Thank you for your site, keep up the good work!

JenB Ohio

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