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I relocated and want to claim unemployment

by Rick

My wife & I had a new home built and we relocated when it was complete.

We were planning on selling our previous home and due to the economy crash during this time we were forced to rent it for less then our mortgage payment.
I was searching for a job for 5 months and after using up all of our savings and struggling to make ends meet I filed for Unemployment.
I called in my claim for 1 month and then thankfully found a job and have been working ever since but,...I never got paid for the 1 month.
I was denied due to quitting and relocating without good cause?
The Unemployment Dept. response was I wasn't willing to commute and continue to work for my previous employer?
I relocated 222 miles away from my previous employer, does that sound smart to commute 222 miles one way to work daily?
I have appealed this and I have a hearing on Jan. 26th, 2010 and was wondering if you have any suggestions?

Hi Rick,

Let me get this straight. You built a new house and you relocated so you could move in, but you quit your job to do so .. is that right?

If it is .. you can appeal all you want, but it will never be with good cause because your actions are what caused the need to quit and move.

I think I explain fairly well why this is so on this page about quitting.

Now, if I got this wrong .. please correct me.

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