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I reside in Mississippi and am being harassed at work and retaliated agains for lodging a complaint with HR.

by Concerned Employee
(Pearl, MS, US)

I previously took a job with a company 1 hour and 45 minutes from my home. I was harassed by an employee who has since been terminated. Presently I am dealing with a situation in which the Lab Manager, the lead Chemist and the person I am supposed to be working under play childish and petty games. The situation is that there is no training program for the lab. I have been asking questions in reference to being trained since the first day on the job but have not received any answers. The lab Manager tells me to talk to the person I work with and the employee I work with tells me to ask the lead Chemist. No matter which employee I ask I do not receive a response. I informed Human Resource of the matter and I can tell that she has spoken with the Lab Manager because he now has an attitude. The Lab Manager has informed the lead Chemist and the employee I am working with. The lead Chemist has informed the other employees and they all display attitudes toward me and are rude. Two employees who have been employed for two months informed me that they did not receive training either. The Lab Manager is very negative. It is very difficult to work productively in this environment. I have not heard from Human Resource since filing the complaint. She informed me that she would be discussing the issue with me however that has not happened. The lab Manager was walking around on Friday watching me and one of the employees who made the statement regarding the fact that they were not trained either. The Lab Manager should have been trying to discuss the matter with me in and effort to correct the problem. However he has not approached me at all instead he has been discussing the issue with other employees and they have been going behind me and messing with the instrument I am working on.

Hi Concerned,

Document the details of the specifics. Keep a daily journal.

Go to HR again about the retaliation that is now going on. Make it clear that your complaint has become public knowledge and things have only gotten worse.

Check out this website which is about workplace harassment and taking control of the situation.

It's what you do now that is most important.

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