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I should get unemployment because my employer did not allow me the time and hours to complete the work

by Jon Guillory
(Hayward, CA)

I was put on couseling on Jan 28, 09 for timely and proactive on many issues in the files, completing evaluations within 15 days of receiving documents. Offers not make in 48 hours or less. Nor documenting file explaining General damage, making math errors and failing to properly document PEV issues. Not managing daily diary and not responding to supervisor requests to roundtable files(when supervisor was approved to roundtable file, he was to business.

I did my best to resolve the problems & issues with the time that I had each day. I still had to work new assignments each day, go out in the field to obtain vehicle photos and met with injured parties and obtain the necessary documents needed to move forward with their injury claim.

Hi Jon,

Oh, I don't know. Did you ever tell the employer that you needed more time (overtime) or help to complete the job to the standards they were expecting?

Without any other information .. I'd say it sounds like the employer has a strong neglect of duties case.

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